“I am in favour of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Who Are We ?

After witnessing the degrading conditions of stray animals, who are forced to live in unhygienic conditions without sufficient food, it became an earnest need to form an organization dedicated towards the animal welfare and start animal rescue in Lucknow, India.

We are blessed with a rational mind that is capable enough to differentiate between right and wrong. We are also endowed with a gift that no other species is blessed with, the gift Of Speech. We are granted the power of words to express our sufferings and feeling.

But unfortunately, our fellow mute companions have been deprived from these favours. They silently devour all the wrongs and injustices caused to them. Being the member of the superior race, it’s our moral responsibility to speak for them.

Being provided with a resourceful mind, it’s our sole duty to furnish them with the basic amenities like food, shelter, medication, etc. We are doing animal rescue in Lucknow, India which is for the stray animals of the city.

Apart from the basic amenities, animals also look for love and compassion. They crave for warmth and empathy from human beings. They need an organization which will not only provide them a roof to live, but also with the necessary care and companionship. Jeev Aashraya, Kanha Upvan is an animal shelter which gives a roof to thousands of animals. Our most recent program promotes dog adoption in Lucknow.

Who are we ?

What We Do ?

Jeev Aashraya is an organization formed for animal welfare in India. Our sole purpose is animal rescue, currently focusing Lucknow (U.P.), India. We provide animal shelter and free veterinary service for the sake of well being of animals.

We feel animals give us unconditional love and as a human it is our duty to reciprocate it. Our entire organization is dedicated to animal protection and release animals from injustice and pain. We have also put up dogs for adoption in Lucknow, for the people who can take care of them.

We strive to create a world where animals can lead a peaceful life and receive the love they deserve. We respect Mother Nature and believe in fate. We aim to fulfill this dream one day.

Currently, our organisation is running free animal rescue helpline services throughout the city. We also organise various programmes for awareness in schools, colleges and societies. Our prime motive is to establish a strong base in the field of animal welfare.

More and more animals are dying a tragic death in a road accident. Some are unfortunate enough to die on the spot whereas some die due to lack of immediate medical aid. We seek to provide immediate veterinary services to the animals. Jeev Aashraya is the only organization doing animal rescue in Lucknow, India.

Join Us As !

A Member

You can extend your helping hand to them by being a member of an organisation who is exclusively dedicated towards the welfare of these animals.

A Volunteer

A Volunteer is a warm hearted and compassionate person, who freely undertakes a task without any monetary desires or in lieu of eminence in the society.

A Donor

Our organisation always welcomes donors with utmost enthusiasm and invigorates more and more people to come forward and make a change in the life of these animals.

Rescue & Recoveries !

Calf’s Treatment

Only a life lived for others, is a life worth living. There is no point of living, if we are leading a life fulfilling our own needs and desires. A life which is immortal is the one which is devoted to the service of all the life forms. Our organisation has been working unendingly for the prosperity of the stray animals. We are doing all we can for the sake of the animals, who are not blessed with the gift of speech. A calf has been found having an injury in his hoof. He wasn’t able to walk properly. Currently he is being treated with all the suitable medications, by our veterinary team. We wish the poor lad a speedy recovery and a healthy life... read more

Bull’s Treatment

Our wise ancestors believed that the best method to find yourself is to lose yourself for the service of the needy. Many people, in the contrast to the multitudes, devote their life for serving the divine forms of life. A Kind hearted person informed us about the bull having a serious hump injury. On the dot intimation enabled us to save the life of the poor bull. The bull is currently under keen observation of our skilled veterinary crew. The requisite medication is being provided to the stranded bull. The wound has been so far observed to be healing very speedily. We all need your prayers for the complete recovery of the bull. God bless him as well as the person who gave him another chance to live by rescuing him from the site of... read more

Calf’s Treatment

Enormity of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its animals. We are so pleased to see that our countrymen are coming forward for the rescue of these stray animals. A compassionate person called us on our 24×7 helpline number to inform us about an injured calf. The calf was having an injury his hoof. The forefoot was badly deformed. But due to timely intimation, the calf has been saved the agony of being handicapped for life. At present, he’s being treated with utmost care and love. We wish him a hearty recovery and a healthy life ahead. Till then we can just pray for the well-being of the helpless... read more

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