Not only the medical services, Jeev Ashraya also provide a platform for animal adoption in India, where all the animal lovers can adopt a homeless pet from our animal shelter. We encourage pet adoption like – dog adoption, cat adoption, puppy adoption we want people to come forward and take the guardianship of the animals that have been rendered homeless or have been abandoned by their previous owners. The adopter agrees to take the responsibility of the animal for the rest of his life. And to make sure about the well-being of the adopted animals, we also pay a surprise visit at the person’s place. People who are unable to adopt a pet, can prove to be helpful by donating food, medicines and other necessary items. Animal adoption programmes provides home to the stray animals as well as reduces the trend of animal marketing practiced by people as a source of income. Animal adoption in India is a much more economical way to own a pet than purchasing a one from the traders.

Terms & Condition

1. The person seeking to adopt a pet should be capable enough to take proper care of the animal. 2. The person applying for adopting a pet should fill the required form provided by our organisation. The form can be filled offline as well as online. 3. All the details provided in the form should be filled very carefully. Any forgery wont be tolerated. Strict action would be taken against the person. 4. Self attested copies of the identity proof as well as the address proof should be submitted along with the completely filled form. 5. The adoptee should submit a letter of adoption in written in which he swears to take the proper care of the animal. 6. The person should be financially accomplished enough to provide the animal with the basic need of food and proper vaccination. 7. The adoption procedure will be finalised only after vigilant verification of the provided documents. 8. Even after the completion of adoption, the place of residence of the adoptee will be carefully inspected by our organisation. 9. Timely inspection will be conducted at the adoptee’s residence to ensure the well being of the adopted animal. 10. Most importantly,the person adopting an animal should be fully determined that he is willing to upkeep the animal for the rest of his life.

Adoption Form