Jeev Aashraya

Animal Welfare is something that needs not to be explained. While reading the newspaper or going through the headlines on the news channel, we come to know about different global issues that are widespread all over the world. Global issues related to economic inflation, terrorism, guerrilla warfare, protests, etc. are easily learnt through social media. But the list isn’t complete here. Some global issues that is prevalent since long times but are rarely given the required consideration. The issues which are trivial to our conscience are not even granted a proper space in the daily newspaper. They are considered to be insignificant when compared to other so-called serious concerns. One such global issue which is often neglected by us is Animal Welfare. There’s no such place left in the world where animals are not abused or harmed. The animals are safe nowhere. Even their natural habitats have been ruined by the human interventions. They have no place to live, no food to eat and no right to fair survival. Their life is considered as a mere source to fulfill human’s necessities. But we fail to recognize the ill-effects of our actions on these animals as well as on the environment. Our thoughtless activities have harmed the animals and the environment in a great way. Reckless butchery of animals has not only led to decline in the population of animals, but also have affected the richness of our biodiversity. It has created an ecological imbalance that poses various threats on our survival. It’s very important for us to realize that all the floral and faunal heritage of our Earth are inter-linked to each other. Decline of one would surely lead to degeneration of other species too..Read More..

Jeev Aashraya

Jeev Aashraya


After witnessing the degrading conditions of stray animals, which are forced to live in unhygienic conditions without sufficient food, it became an earnest need to form an animal welfare organization dedicated towards the animal welfare. We are blessed with a rational mind that is capable enough to differentiate between right and wrong. We are also endowed with a gift that no other species is blessed with, the gift Of Speech. We are granted the power of words to express our sufferings and feeling..Read More

Aims And Objectives

Jeev Aashraya is an animal welfare organization operating with a sheer motive of establishing animal shelters and veterinary services all over the country, to secure animal welfare. We aim on reducing the number of animal deaths caused by the ill-treatment or the road accidents. More and more animals are dying a tragic death in a road accident. Some are unfortunate enough to die on the spot whereas some die due to lack of immediate medical aid. We seek to provide immediate veterinary services to the animals..Read More

Mission Of Jeev Aashraya

Since ancient times, humans have been accepted as the species endowed with remarkable intellect. But lately they have been found using their mastery in a wrongful manner. God has created this beautiful sphere with a hope to see hormonal balance between all its inhabitants. Here our animal welfare organization aspires to direct your attention towards leading global issue of animal abuse. All over the world animals are being ruthlessly subjected to mistreatment and atrocities..Read More

Vision Of Jeev Aashraya

In today’s world of urbanization and industrial development, the one who are suffering the most are the mute companions of ours. They are hardly noticed by the superior race which we term as ‘humans’. The agonizing and deteriorating conditions of these innocent souls can’t be overlooked by us anymore. It’s so true that our Flora and Flora have been treated with a great deal of disregard by people. We have been blessed with these assets so as to cherish them, not to bypass them. Jeev Aashraya, an animal welfare organization in India, has a clear vision of infusing animal ethics in the hearts of people. It is an animal welfare organization primarily focused on working for the betterment of the stray and homeless life forms and provides animal shelter..Read More

Our Progress

• We have been successful in establishing an Animal Shelter in Lucknow, which is serving as a home to more than 1450 of stray animals.

• We have launched an Adoption programmes which proved very beneficial to the people who seek to stretch a helping hand for the homeless animals.

• 24×7 medical facilities have been made available to the rescued animals. More than 2000 of animals have been rescued and recovered till now.

• The nourishment demand of the animals have been efficiently met by the organisation • We also acquired victory in creating awareness among the youngsters and bringing them together for the noble cause of animal welfare

. • Our Donation and sponsorship pprogrammes have proved to be helpful for the stray animals. Many people have come up to provide financial assistance to the homeless animals.

• We have successfully initiated Animal Birth Control programmes, under which the population of stray animals is kept under control. This checks the spread of deadly diseases like rabies.

• We have rescued over thousands of animals from being killed by some selfish and heartless people.