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There are millions of people in India, and so are animals. You must have not been unaware about the atrocities and deprivation faced by the animals in the hands of uncivilized people. The problem lies in the muteness of these animals. They can’t come up and narrates the injustices caused to them. Man is also an animal but a rational one. His rationality enables him to differentiate between what’s right and wrong. Man is, therefore, superior to animals. But his treatment towards animals does not show him as such. So it is desirable to be kind and considerate to them. Animals are so serviceable to us, so it becomes our moral responsibility to be of at least a little help to them. You can extend your helping hand to them by being a member of an organisation who is exclusively dedicated towards the welfare of these animals. Jeev Aashraya not only works for animal welfare or just to provide shelter and rescue the injured ones, but we also work to change people’s mindset. We always oppose the use of animals for testing purpose, killing for leather, fur, etc. We want to remove animal abuse and brutality from the cause of it. Animals do not have voice, it’s our duty to be their voice. We also organise events regarding animal welfare and also protest for the victims. It also provides the people with the opportunity to be the part of this organisation. It has also launched a membership programme, in which members are introduced to the Jeev Aashraya family. It is a large family where everyone who is an eminent animal lover can be a part of it.

Our Member

Our Member

An animal lover, regardless of his age, is acceptable to be the life member of this association. We whole heartedly welcome people to be a constituent of this large family. Nothing is required from you to be the member of this organisation, your mere interest in animal welfare is sufficient. With the membership, you are  allowed to visit the shelter any time you want.

How To Be A Member?

Jeev Aashraya offers you the hassle-free procedure to be a member of this noble cause. You can be the member of this organisation by taking the simple step of filling the online form and submitting it on our online portal. In turn we charge you with the nominal registration of Rs. 15000, which would grant you the membership for life time. We charge you with a minor fee, but in turn you will be offered many more services. The annual membership can be extended further for more than a year.

What We Offer You?

Once you become a member of this organisation, we have a lot of things to offer you. If you’re having a pet, then it’s great news for you. We will offer your pet a full treatment of any kind of disease or injury for one full year without charging any kind of fee. If you own a puppy, it will provided with free vaccinations which will be executed under the supervision of our veterinary experts. You will be granted the consent to visit our shelter and our veterinary hospital at any time of the week, according to your own convenience. Moreover, taking the membership of our organisation will also benefit you with discounts that will be offered by our associates. Some of our associates are Shiva Palace, Gomtinagar who is our also our sponsor and aiding us financially in this charitable act of animal rescue and welfare and other is Renaissance Info, which is a hardware and network firm. They offer a healthy and considerable amount of discounts to our member, so as to support the spirit of charity and to encourage more and more people to be the part of this organisation. Many more such benefits are offered to our members. So it’s a win-win process which will not only the deal of destitute animals but also grants you the number of benefit. And apart from these benefits, being the part of such an altruistic cause, will grant you self-satisfaction and inner peace.

How to Join Jeev Aashraya As A Member?

There is no reason to join an initiative that focuses on welfare, tenderness and nobility. Jeev Aashraya also focuses only and only for the welfare of animals. We seek for the supporters who are always there to stand with us in the noble cause of helping the animals.

For further details you may contact on this number +917275093285 To join us as the member you can follow the procedure : Click Here To Join As A Member!