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Jeevaashraya volunteers

Jeevaashraya volunteers

A volunteer is a warm hearted and compassionate person, who freely takes part in an enterprise or undertakes a task without any monetary desires or in lieu of eminence in the society. A volunteer contributes his favours for a social cause without expecting any financial gain. Volunteering is generally a public spirited activity, which is deliberated to promote morality and virtuousness among the fellow beings. Jeev Aashraya volunteers are those tender-hearted people who find themselves perturbed about the agonizing condition of the homeless stray animals. They serve as the voices of the muted souls who can’t speak for themselves. Jeev Aashraya Volunteers are people with hearts as big as the cloudless sky. They are the purest of individuals with no eye towards personal gains or advantages, but only one purpose in sight, the welfare of the society and the world at large. The Jeev Aashraya volunteers do the same, epitomizing the values of compassion, brotherhood, selflessness, charity and nobility. They are the voices of the silent creatures that cannot speak for themselves. The volunteers work for the noble cause of animal welfare in ways they find most suitable; from writing online posts, to organising campaigns, to carrying out ground level work at the shelter. Together, they make a difference, extending the circle of compassion to all living beings. We have different types of volunteers who whole heartedly work for the betterment of these innocent life forms and have a keen in interest in bringing about revolutions in the fields of animal welfare. They express their concerns in different ways which they find themselves best in Jeev Aashraya volunteers offer their services in the following forms:

Shelter Volunteers

The individuals who are interested to offer their helping hand in the shelter directly and assist in the relief work provided to the rescued animals, can work as shelter volunteers. The organisation is running a number of animal shelters that include cow sheds named as ‘Shree Krishna Gaushaala’, dog shelters, horse stables, pig sheds, and etc.

Feeding Volunteer:

The volunteers, who can take the charge of nutrition of the rescued animals, are the feeding volunteers. They can help us to provide the animals with sufficient amount of food during the right times of the day. The nutriment needs of the animals can also be taken cared by the feeding volunteers.

Medication Volunteer:

The animals combating different ailment has to be taken care of and timely checked for the recovery. All such tasks are performed by the therapeutics and medication volunteers. The duties of the medication volunteers involve treating the sick animals with required medical aids on certain time intervals. The better the treatment facilities of the sick, the sooner will be the recovery.

Shelter Hygiene Volunteers:

The primary requirement for the appropriate treatment of animals is the proper hygiene. The hygienic conditions of the animal shelters, food, water, etc are supervised by the Hygiene Volunteers. Their sole duty is to avoid any contamination of food, medicines, water, etc. Proper hygiene conditions are required for the speedy recovery of animals and to stop further disease infestation.

Shelter Management Volunteers:

The shelter management volunteers keep a track of the number of animals rescued and among them how many survived. The shelter management volunteer also coordinates with the other shelter volunteers to keep a record of all the activities going on in the shelter. He also checks for the performance of the shelter volunteers.

Event Volunteers:

Event volunteers are those who actively take part in the events and programmes conducted by our organisation with purpose of benefitting the homeless and injured animals. You can be the part of our social events as an event volunteer. You can deliver your best efforts to promote the event and make it successful in mobilizing the people. We also use news media to target their audience, hoping to generate media coverage which will reach thousands or millions of people. We also invite their audience to their events and reach them at the actual event. You can volunteer the event that are aimed at sheer charity and creating realization among people about the pitiable condition of stray animals, with no commercial motives. Jeev Aashraya event volunteers are categorised as follows:

Event Planner:

Our organisation usually organises events with a particular concern for animal welfare. Event planners are the people involved in the process of planning a festival, ceremony, competition, party concert or a convention. The whole procedure of even planning includes budgeting, establishing dates, selecting and reserving the event venue, acquiring permits, security and clean-up. By volunteering the event as an event planner, you can plan and execute the event as per the given requirements. You will be given the responsibility for the creative, logistical and technical elements.


Event coordinators are also known as event specialist. By volunteering an event as an event coordinator you can manage the event from conception to clean up. You will meet up with event planner to work out event details. You have to make sure that the event is successful in making the required impact while maintaining the budget too. While co-ordinating the event you have to ensure that the event r runs smoothly and handle any emergency situations that may come up.


If you enjoy taking photographs of an event and possess skills in doing so, then you can volunteer the events as an event photographer. You can create a memory of an event by taking photographs which can be later circulated to people through social media. The photographs of the event can be further used to create awareness among the people about the social issues which will encourage them to come forward and lend their helping hand to the organisation.


Last but most importantly an event is brought to life by the performers who can mobilise people by the means of their art and talent. Anyone who is god-gifted with any talent like singing, dancing, orating, acting, etc. can be the part of this volunteering. You can organise plays depicting the conditions of animals in today’s world or you can portray the same through a musical play or a song. Stage performances are an effective method to reach out people for a specific motive.

Creative Volunteers:

Creative volunteers are those persons with an imaginative mind who want to utilise their talents for the welfare of the homeless animals. They are the people who are naturally imbibed with the qualities of portraying an idea or a belief in a creative manner so as to smite people’s conscience and encouraging and getting involved in the noble acts of animal welfare. Creative volunteers are further categorised in the following genres:

Creative Writer:

If you have an ability to mould a notion or an ideology into appropriate words then you can volunteer the organisation as a Creative Writer. You may develop documents such as Facebook posts, blogs, articles, etc. The interface and the concepts are strictly targeted towards animal welfare and social service.


As designer or an animator particularly works in the areas of preparing slideshows or presentation regarding various events that our conducted by the organisation. You can work primarily dedicated towards generation of public appealing presentation including catchy texts and graphics.

Photo Editor:

The photo editor mostly volunteers for the editing and assembling the images which are captured by the photographers appointed by the organisation itself. The images provided are infused with winsome texts that portray about the various programmes that are conducted by the organisation. All these tasks are performed by the photo editor.

Web designer/ Web Developer:

A web developer is mainly a programmer who is associated and well versed with the applications of World Wide Web. They deal with the work involved in developing and handling the official website of the organisation. Those who possess a great deal of knowledge about web developing and who want to serve this noble organisation execute as web designer/web developer.

Marketing Volunteers:

Marketing volunteers are those who support the organisation in the fields of communicating the ideologies and strategies of various programmes that our conducted by the organisation. They are designated to look after the processes involved in delivering the values of our organisation to the people and encourage them to actively take part in the noble services of animal rescue:

Social Marketing Volunteer:

These are the people who develop and integrate marketing concepts in lieu of influencing people’s behaviour and invigorate them to come up for a social cause. The social marketing includes application of commercial strategies for fulfilment of a non-commercial motive. The primary aim of a social marketing volunteer is ‘social good’ with no financial desires.

Direct Marketing Volunteers:

Direct marketing volunteers work for creating awareness among the people to the works done by the organisation for the betterment of homeless animals. The various awareness programmes conducted by the organisation are funded by the direct marketing volunteers. Their work field involved Fund raising by bringing donations from the ones who contribute the social cause out of their own good-will. Donations are also made by the corporate sectors as their corporate social responsibility.

Outbound Marketing Volunteers:

Outbound marketing involves conveying their message through social Media, like newspaper advertisement, TV commercials, public relations, sales, etc. The outbound marketing volunteers reach out people through various ways like telemarketing (advertisement through phone calls), print advertising, direct emails, etc. His field of work involves handling all the marketing strategies involved in outbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Volunteers:

Inbound marketing includes sharing the written contents with the outside world through blogs, articles, newsletters, video, e-books, etc. The inbound marketing volunteers have to target people’s attention and bring about the organisation in notice of common people. They draw people to the organisation by producing interesting contents. They have to earn their way in so as to get more and more people are willing to be the part of this social and animal welfare cause.

How to Join Jeev Aashraya As A Volunteer?

There is no reason to join an initiative that focuses on welfare, tenderness and nobility. Jeev Aashraya also focuses only and only for the welfare of animals. We seek for the supporters who are always there to stand with us in the noble cause of helping the animals. To volunteer at Jeev Aashraya for animal welfare just follow these steps: Click Here To Join As A Volunteer!