Our organization is always there to fight for Animal rights, in the present scenario where, people are more engaged in their hectic daily life routines, there are some life forms that are being ignored. They are rendered homeless and forced to live a life which is devoid of the basic amenities like roof, food and sanitation. Resultant to which the number of animals are decreasing which is a serious issue to be considered. Looking at the present picture, our organization took up the duty to create awareness among people regarding these less fortunate. We are aiming at giving these animals their much deserved consideration and kindness. For this, we have so far conducted many awareness programmes to instill a feeling of contemplation among the people for these mum animals. The major cause of animal abuse is the ignorance of the people towards Animal rights. Our organization intends to throw some light on the rights of these animals and bring people together for this noble cause. The primary motive our organization is to create awareness among people and bring their attention to these helpless animals.


A number of events are conducted by us to instill a feeling of empathy for animals, among people. Being an NGO, we not only work for the welfare of animals and Animal rights, but also take part and conduct social activities for the active participation of people. Some of the activities conducted by us are Cleaning Drive, Protest for Asha (A female dog been mercilessly beaten up by a shopkeeper), Bhagwath Katha, Volunteers meet, events on World Stray animal days(4th april, 2014) with a clear rationale of working for animals and society as a whole.

Social media:

The official page of Jeev Aashraya contains posts that include rescue cases that we receive on a daily basis. Along with images of the rescued animals we also circulate images that create awareness among people regarding animal welfare. All these posts not only creates cognizance among people but also mobilize them to take part actively in the altruistic act of animal rescue. Our official websites keeps the people informed about who we are and what we do, and suggest them ways to be a part of this noble initiative.