Bull’s Treatment

Our wise ancestors believed that the best method to find yourself is to lose yourself for the service of the needy. Many people, in the contrast to the multitudes, devote their life for serving the divine forms of life. A Kind hearted person informed us about the bull having a serious hump injury. On the dot intimation enabled us to save the life of the poor bull. The bull is currently under keen observation of our skilled veterinary crew. The requisite medication is being provided to the stranded bull. The wound has been so far observed to be healing very speedily. We all need your prayers for the complete recovery of the bull. God bless him as well as the person who gave him another chance to live by rescuing him from the site of accident.

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  1. Hello, u guys r doing a great job in rescuing and treating animals diligently. God bless. But I reside in faizabad and here the calves and bulls r in a vry bad shape. Just now as I was returning from Krishna Palace Hotel with my kids I saw a very wounded and severely bloated bull. One of its horns were literally falling off and there was blood all over. He might b in so much pain. I tried contacting the local vets but all in vain they said they were not paid for treating stray dogs,cats, cows etc. My son began crying after seeing the bull’s trauma. Plz help.


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