Mission Rescue – Mahoba Gaushala | महोबा गौशाला

Day 1:
गौशाला तो देश भर में कई सारी हैं, लेकिन सारी गौशालाएँ एक समान रूप से काम नही कर पा रही हैं, कुछ ऐसा ही माहौल बना हुआ है महोबा की इस गौशाला में जहाँ गौवंशीय पशुओं को खाने-पीने की दिक्कतें हैं, उन्हे सही तरह से इलाज नही मिल पा रहा, उन्हे वो माहौल नही मिल पा रहा जिसकी उन्हे जरूरत है ।
कल हमें एक फोन कॉल के द्वारा इस गौशाला के बारे में पता चला, जिसकी मदद के लिए हमारी एक टीम आज ध्यान फाउन्डेशन के साथ मिलकर महोबा के लिए कूच करेगी । हमने इस घटना से संबंधित सूचना-पत्र महोबा के जिलाधिकारी महोदय को भी भेज दिया है । लेकिन प्रशासन की व्यस्तता और कार्य-प्रणालियों के कारण इस पर कार्यवाही होने में कुछ समय तो लगेगा ही इसलिए हम वहाँ पहुँचकर वहाँ के गौवंशीय पशुओं को पशुआहार और चिकित्सा संबंधी सेवायें प्रदान करेंगे । जिन गतिविधियों से हम आपको कुछ-कुछ समयांतराल पर अवगत कराते रहेंगे । आप भी आगे आकर इन गौवंशीय पशुओं के सेवार्थ हमारी यथासंभव सहायता कर सकते हैं । अगर आपको इस संदर्भ में अन्य जानकारी चाहिये तो आप हमें सम्पर्क भी कर सकते हैं-
8874008008 – यात्रा और अपडेट्स के लिए ।
9918345671 – आवश्यक कार्यवाहीयों की जानकारी के लिए ।
7668035709 – अनुदान / डोनेशन सामग्री के लिए ।
Mahoba Gaushala #1
Though there are so many Gaushalas running in our country but some of them are unable to work smoothly. One such gaushala in Mahoba is struggling to fight the day-to-day obstacles coming their way. The resident cattle of this gaushala is neither getting adequate food supplies nor the basic medical treatment for their survival. The living conditions there are in such a deplorable state that the cattle is famished and dying.
Yesterday we came to know about this gaushala through a phone call. For their rescue, our team along with Dhyan Foundation will depart for Mahoba today. An information letter regarding this incident has also been sent to the D.M. of Mahoba. Now that we know it will take some time in proceedings and on part of the administration to take the necessary action, therefore, our team will reach there to provide fodder and necessary medical assistance for the cattle. We will keep you updated about our activities on regular intervals. Support from your end is most welcome in helping these voiceless beings in any form possible. For any other information in the above context, you can contact us on :-
8874008008 – regarding the journey and updates.
9918345671 – regarding the necessary proceedings.
7668035709 – regarding donation in kinds.

Mahoba gaushala
Day 2:
हमारी टीम महोबा के लिए कूच कर चुकी है । पशुआहार से भरी ये गेटवे देखकर आप इस बात का अंदाजा लगा सकते है की हमारी एक टीम कुछ दिन वहाँ रहकर उनकी समस्या का निस्तारण कर के ही वापस आयेगी । आप सभी भी आगे आकर हमारे साथ इस गौशाला के गौवंशियों की मदद कर सकते हैं ।
अगर आपको इस संदर्भ में अन्य जानकारी चाहिये तो आप हमें सम्पर्क भी कर सकते हैं-
8874008008 – यात्रा और अपडेट्स के लिए ।
9918345671 – आवश्यक कार्यवाहीयों की जानकारी के लिए ।
7668035709 – अनुदान / डोनेशन सामग्री के लिए ।
पहली पोस्ट का फेसबुक लिंकः

Gateway for Mahoba rescue



Lucknow police


We cant tell you how many times we have heard the words “Oh my god, you work in an animal shelter?!
We just smile and nod. It sure is the most wonderful thing in the world.
But the harsh reality stands tall that although most are ready to appreciate and applaud from a distance, not many want to actually lend us a helping hand.

Packet of 20 KG Chappi

Packet of 20 KG Chappi

Mr Amit Tripathi (Chowki Incharge )

Mr Amit Tripathi (Chowki Incharge, Alambagh )












We have obviously, over the course of time, met few very wonderful people who are willing to be there for us in this journey and therefore it brings us great pleasure to share the story of these amazing gentleman from Lucknow.

Three brave police officers belonging to Lucknow Police Dept namely, Mr Amit Tripathi (Chowki Incharge, Alambagh) went on to donate a big bag of Chappi and has promised us to help us out every month.
In the pictures, you can see Mr Sanjay Kharwar, (Station Officer, Banthra) who has been arranging bread from The Calorie Bread Factory for our residents free of charge, and has been doing so for past few months. And he will donate a big bag of dog food every month.
While Mr Arun Kumar Singh (Station Officer, Vikas Nagar) has also also promised us to donate a bag of Chapi every month.
We are so privileged to have met such amazing people in our lives. Its a request to all of our well wishers, that whenever you pass by any of these police station, try and make time to appreciate the efforts of these three selfless men who tirelessly take care of both the citizens and the mute.
Lucknow police has always supported us in rescues and also keep calling us for help. We are so proud of our protectors.
For our animals, they are truly angels in uniform. 😊

Thank you to Lucknow Police, Calorie Bread and a big salute to these three Police Officers. Share if you appreciate their step.