Every day in today’s world animals are neglected, beaten and are forced to struggle for their survival in this cruel world. Often they are left to live unsanitary conditions with little or no food to eat. They lose all the hopes for life as for the large amount of time they have been deprived of the love and compassion they deserve. In today’s era of growth and development, there is still a section of society who has been bereft of the basic needs of a decent life. That section of society includes these faultless innocent souls who have not been blessed with voices and words to express their sufferings. We live in a world of Myriad contradictions, on one hand it taking many steps forward in the fields of development, but on the other hands it is still the home for in numerous numbers of undernourished and homeless animals.
Being the superior races of the planet it’s our moral duty to be the voices for our muted companions. Animals can be previewed in many ways. For some they are just a bag of bones and flesh with no feelings of their own, while for the other they are the spiritual creatures who have their own ways expressing their thoughts and emotions. People should be the part of the latter ones. We need to coordinate with our voiceless companions to make this world worth living for them. You can do our bit by a simple procedure of donation. A donation is a gift by a person with their own free will with a sheer purpose of charity or to benefit a cause. It’s just an epitome of their love and consideration for these animals. By donating in any of the way you can do your own little bit for them. It may be very small for you, but for these animals it can be of inestimable worth. Making even a small donation will grant you extreme contentment of doing a noble act which is as saintly as worshipping god. By donating you can bring a considerate amount of change in a destitute animal’s life. Our organisation always welcomes donators with utmost enthusiasm and invigorates more and more people to come forward and make a change in the life of these animals .A donation may take various forms like donations in cash, services, new or used goods, food, vehicles or other suitable commodities. A donation can be in the form of various goods of necessity like Fans, Coolers, ambulance or other vehicles of utility. Donation in cash is made at ease by introducing online banking services or PayPal, through which you can directly transfer the donation amount to our bank account, without leaving your home.

Our account details are as follows:

Punjab National Bank, GOMTI NAGAR, LUCKNOW, UP – 226010
A/c No. – 6671000100007787
IFSC code:  PUNB0392600 (used for RTGSIMPS and NEFT transactions)
MICR code:226024027
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Corporate Social Responsibility:

Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as corporate citizenship, corporate conscience, etc., is a corporate initiative to assess and take the responsibility for the companies’ out-turns on the environment as well as on the social welfare. The term generally relate to the company’s efforts that may prove to be beneficial for the organisations that work for the welfare of the society or environment protection groups. The socially-aware sections of the corporate world have actively taken part in contributing to the welfare of homeless animals.
The corporate citizenship may involve incurring a small amount of funds which do not provide financial benefit to the company but it does initiate a positive social and environmental change in the society. The term became popular in 1960’s.Under the Companies Act, 2013; it was made mandatory for the companies to invest some share of their profits for a social cause. It is a management concept whereby companies integrate social as well as environment concerns in their business operations and functioning. It is a fruitful method to maintain a balance in social, environmental and economic imperatives. CSR can be observed in the form of strategic business management concept, charity, philanthropy or sponsorships. Companies can donate even the minute share of their profits as an act of philanthropy which will not only benefit the society but also enhance their market reputation. In doing so, they can help to build up a better environment for the inferior races. We always receive such patrons with open arms and hold them in high regards. The world is in a persistent need of the people who not only believe in the headway of their own self, but also be of the opinion that the real progress lies in the progress of all the fellow beings.

For further details you may contact on this number +917706009011/+917275093285