Every human can help stray animals around with love and care. Check out how?

Every human can help stray animals around with love and care… Check out how?


Take care of strays.

Take care of strays.


As God give us parents to take care of us similarly he assigned an important duty upon us and that is to understand our responsibility towards biggest gift to nature “Animals”. It’s obligatory on every human being to take care of voiceless creatures at every step. Understanding the basic amenities of life we all must play our role sincerely to make the planet a better place to live in for all living beings. As always animals are considered mute who can’t speak or convey their feeling but believe me it’s just a pseudo psychology. Animals always speak with their eyes and gesture but the need is to understand the true emotions. Here are some beneficial points to follow that will definitely bind friendly relation among humans and animals.

Small tips to be followed by every one of us:

Feed a stray everyday.

Feed a stray everyday.

1. Feed / care regularly – We all must carry some food in the form of biscuits or bread and feed the animals around our vicinity. Believing the fact, maximum numbers of problems faced by our mute companions is due to intake of foul food found in garbage area. To reduce this menace we must follow the pugmarks of true animal lovers and spread care to the most deserved beings.



2. Win trust – During initial meeting animals always get scared by human beings that we will hurt or annoy them. So to cope them out of this disbelief we all must give them positive signs from our side so they could believe that we are their well wisher. Pampering them is the best way to win their trust.



3. Give time– Spending spear time with animals or taking time out from the hectic schedule for animals is one of the best utilization of time that not only eases you from stress but also boost your mood towards positive energy. So next time whenever you feel drowsy just rush to animal nearby for refreshing temper.




4. Neuter – Neuter is the best way to increase the life span of cats and dogs. Doing so increase their longevity by reducing the risk of emergence of disease like cancer. To frame your love to your beloved animal this is one ultimate gift to furry animal.




5. Keep a first aid kit ready – Whenever stepping outside your house don’t forget to add on some important stuff inside your handbag or vehicle dicky. Few necessary medicines like betadine, savlon, dusting powder, bandage always stand out as a boon to injured animal crying in pain.







Aware people – While giving care and comfort to animals the best is to spread love by making people aware around with the rights of animals and their welfare. This might raise consciousness for animals among people understanding their duty toward companions for life.

So now let’s take a pledge to follow these not to forget points and imply the golden rules in our daily life routine for friendly ambiance.




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– Shiny Rizvi 

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