FAQs – Mobile Veterinary Services, Animal Rescue Helpline Numbers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of some frequently asked question ( FAQs ). It contains the questions that frequently come up in the minds of people. The answers presented here are possible the answers that are related to your inquiries. We have tried our best cover all your queries in our FAQs. Any queries related to our organisation can be made by leaving a message along with the name and e-mail id of the person. We will get to the query as soon as possible.

(1) What is Jeev Aashraya?

Jeev Aashraya is a non-profit organization which has been dedicatedly working since December, 2012 for the furthering the welfare of stray animals. It works for the rescue of injured animals and runs a mobile veterinary service that provides medical assistance to all the injured animals in the city.

(2) What are the areas of our work?

We work primarily in the area of animal rescue. The animals that are either injured or rendered homeless are provided with medical services and shelter.

(3) What service do we provide?

We provide services like mobile veterinary service, 24×7 medical facilities, adoption programmes, vaccination to the animals, etc.

(4) What is animal rescue?

By animals rescue, we mean providing medical facilities to injured animals, sheltering homeless or abandoned animals and providing adoption facilities to offer a new home to the stray animals. Animal rescue also includes creating awareness among people regarding animal welfare.

(5) What is ABC?

By ABC we mean Animal Birth Control. Through Animal Birth Control techniques we sterilize or spray stray animals to check their populations. Through efficient techniques and equipment, the animals are neutered without any pain or side effect.

(6) What are our 24×7 animal rescue helpline numbers?

We have devised 24×7 animal rescue helpline numbers to provide medical assistance to helpless injured animals. People who come across any animal injured in any form can inform us about the animal through our 24×7 animal rescue helpline numbers.

(7) What are our veterinary services?

We provide medical treatment to injured animals at our veterinary hospital. Our hospital is well-equipped with skilled veterinarians and Para-vets. The animals are kept under expert supervision and treated with required love and care.

(8) What can you do?

Being a responsible person you can report us on our helpline numbers for veterinary services if you find any animal sick or injured in any form. You can also report about any person who is abusing or hurting the animals.

(9) What falls under animal cruelty?

Any violence to animal done in the form of beating, threatening, etc with the purpose other than self-defence is considered under animal cruelty. The harm can be done to the animal for any particular gain like food, skin, fur, leather, etc.

(10) Who can be a member?

A person who is an animal lover and wants to do something for the welfare of the animal can be the member of our organization. Any person who wants to contribute their efforts for the well-being of the animals can be the member by paying a small amount of Rs. 1200/- per annum.

(11) Who is a volunteer?

A person who cannot support any organization or cause financially, but wants to aid a noble cause can volunteer an organization. Volunteering is done primarily to instill goodness in humanity without any financial gain.

(12) What have we done so far?

We have successfully rescued over thousands of animals and saved them from dying an unfortunate death. Our shelter has fruitfully sheltered over 1400 of animals and nurtured them with love and care.

(13) When did we come to action?

We came to action on 12th December, 2012 with a chief motive to benefit the animals. SPCA along with Lucknow Municipal Corporation handed over the responsibilities of Kanha Upvan to Jeev Aashraya.

(14) What is Kanha Upvan?

Kanha Upvan is an Animal Shelter in Lucknow which gives roof to thousands of animals. With more than 1450 animals in Kanha Upvan, we believe in conserving with compassion.

(15) What all can you donate?

A person willing to aid the organisation in any form can donate according to their own free will. A donation can be made in the form of currency or other commodities like food, medicines, ambulance or other vehicles.

(16) How can you contact us?

You can contact us through our 24×7 animal rescue helpline numbers +91-8009392222+91- 8009521111
+91-9919914444 you can also make your queries though mailing us at jeevaashraya.org

(17) What is our mission?

Our organization strives to create a society where people make more ethical choices and give a thought about the well-being of all the living creatures existing on Earth. We are giving our best to build a world for animals which is free from animal abuse.

(18) What will you get being the member?

you will get full medical treatment for your pet for one full year without any cost. Other benefits will be granted by our sponsors Renaissance info and Shiva Palace in Gomti Nagar. Free goodies will also be provided to the members.

(19) What does a Jeev Aashraya Volunteer do?

Jeev Aashraya volunteer offer their services in the following forms: Shelter volunteer, Event volunteer, Creative volunteer and Marketing volunteer. Volunteers can offer their skills in various forms for the purpose of animal welfare.

(20) Who can adopt?

A person who is willing to own a pet as well as wants to contribute to the animal welfare can adopt a pet from our shelter. By adopting a pet from an animal shelter you can get your own loving companion and on the other hand you can give a new life to an abandoned animal.