Help Rafat To Re-provide Home To These Innocent Dogs…

Rafat is alone and want to save the street dogs that lived in her society, no one is helping her, she has contacted almost everyone and did almost everything but nothing helped. Here is the story :

I have recently moved to Noida sector 99 in a society by the name of supreme towers. I moved in towards the last week of April 2016. Within a week only I realized how in human we humans could be! To my horror the RWA (Residence Welfare Association) gave orders to the guards (from Matrix) to get the dogs living in the society out in which ever manner possible. I myself saved a tiny puppy from being thrown out a number of times. Was intending to speak to SPCA about it but by the time it happened the RWA had got guards to throw out three 25 day old puppies who were living on their mothers milk some 10 kms away from the society without their mother. The place where the puppies were thrown has some 100 adult aggressive dogs and the puppies must have been ripped apart by them for sure. The previous night too the guards were putting the puppies in a box to get rid of them when one of our resident members intervened saying they would get them dropped to some NGO the next day and not to throw them like this but it was all in vain and in the bargain the puppies lost their life. After this incidence the resident member Mr. Anand Singh and his son lodged a complaint in the police station and spoke to SPCA too. Post their intervention and Anjali talking to the President and the cops around they came under pressure and were open to discussion. We discussed and gave them (RWA) the suggestion of getting the society dogs neutered/ sterilized and covered for all disease and put collars on them too letting them stay within the society as the residents took the presence of dogs a threat. Saying there are children playing in the park the dogs are around what if they bite them. So getting the dogs covered would take care of the bite part. They agreed to the same too, post which I sent an email to SPCA mentioning the scenario to them and requesting help in the process I also marked a copy of the email to the RWA President keeping him in loop to avoid any disconnect and he agreed too. Residents had an issue with Mr. Singh’s family and me feeding the dogs but it didn’t make a difference to us. They objected so I started giving them food outside the society. However in the mean while again dog issues came up like they are littering the park area, pooping around the common area of flats, going upthe stairs to the flats popping there, scattering the bins, digging the mud, sitting in the lift lobby etc The residents / guards / RWA were beating up dogs breaking a puppies leg (Lassie) who was admitted to SPCA for treatment then kicked a 4 month old puppy in the stomach so many times that her intestines have got into her neck she too is under treatment ! Breaking the leg and jaw of another dog. It got crazy where the safety of these poor souls was in question. It reached a point where the RWA held several meeting and pushed us into agreeing to make a shelter outside the society premises in the government park area towards the back gate and one outside the front gate. Saying that this is the best they could do as the dogs cannot be inside the society and if they are here the residents or RWA members would either poison them , beat them, shoot them, get them put into sacks and thrown away and we would not be able to do anything about it except cry and lodge complaints but no one would be able to do anything. I told them they cannot do such a thing it’s illegal before being inhuman and since all are lawyers no one would know it and understand law more than them. I even took print outs and gave them the AWBI rules for strays but it made no difference. Also told them we have made a file of all the 12 dogs living in the society and submitted it to SPCA and if any of them goes missing or dies it will be an issue for the society on the whole. To which they said no one can do anything if the did goes missing or dies. So ultimately We had to give in to the fear of putting the life of these souls at stake. We have 3 females who are pregnant 2 of whom have delivered and one is yet to deliver I requested them to pls let them atleast be inside so that they can deliver in peace and that I would get their puppies either adopted or dropped at an NGO they initially agreed that 3 bitches out of the 12 dogs in total would be inside and the others would be outside. But they went against their words the very next day ! And compelled me to take all the dogs outside the society. It is a real bad situation IV kept them out for some 20 days but the major issue is the females have no place to keep their puppies so the poor things dug holes and gave puppies and when it rains however hard we try water goes into the hole and the puppies die under the water or due to the cramped space. Both we residents of Supreme towers would request you to please intervene and help us secure the life of these 12 babies in the society where they were born and gave lived all these years. Below is the first email I shared with SPCA to start the process of getting them neutered with a copy to the President of our society. Also will be sharing copy of the complaint sent to SPCA by Anand uncles son. Kamna we request your support in giving our society dogs a safe good life within the society without any threat to their life from anyone. Pls do let us know in case you might require any other details. Would be happy to help you. Marking Anand uncles son and daughter too in this email so that we are on the same page. Just to add there are loads of people who care about the dogs within the society but are scared to come forward as they will be hated by all like we are. Thank you for your support. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Best Regards, Rafat Ahmed.

Jeev Aashraya is not in Noida now, but we have decided to help her as soon as possible, we have to make a network and approach the society people and concerned authorities for helping Rafat. If she could stand alone to save the innocent souls, then it becomes our responsibility to help her. If you are in Noida or you have some links or you can do anything for this issue, then please let us know. We have to do something immediately.

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