“Sowing the seeds of compassion”
An Educational Unit of Jeev Aashraya
An Educational Unit of Jeev Aashraya.
  • Jeev Aashraya is registered as non-profit service organization providing human values like compassion, love, kindness and respect for the environment and other living beings and it is recognized by Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.
  • We will promote Jeev Aashraya Club in the schools and colleges by forming Jeev Aashraya Clubs and assist them by supplying literature and guide books.
  • We promote human values by conducting regular awareness programmes and activities in all educational institution.
  • We organized an annual convention in which awards and prizes are given to the outstanding Jeev Aashraya Clubs and to the student based on their performance of compassion.
  • We also conduct teachers, students and activists training programmes humane education.
  • We will provide exhibitions materials on animal welfare to schools and college on minimum rate.

Our main aim and objective is to generate awareness among the students and teach them to protect animals and kindle the feelings of love, kindness and compassion towards all living beings, plants etc. And protection of environment as enshrined in article 51 (A) of the Constitution of India, this is also in accordance with an age old rich cultural heritage.

Such clubs are successfully functioning hundreds of schools in Tamil Nadu, Andhra-Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi and other states where school children are showing great enthusiasm.

Jeev Aashraya an NGO fully dedicated in the service of stray animals propose to promote this project in all the schools and colleges of our country.

The club membership is open to all the students without any discrimination of religion, class or group of society. To implement this project intensively and evaluate it qualitatively and quantitatively, necessary guidance will be provided by the Jeev Aashraya.

  1. All the educational institutions are requested to form and establish Jeev Aashraya clubs in the month of July every year.
  2. In the formation of Jeev Aashraya Clubs, The principal/ Head of the institution will be patron of the club and Vice-Patron will be nominated by the principal among the teachers.
  3. The Precident, Vice Precident, Seceretary, Joint Seceretary, Treasurer, and 6 commetee members will be selected by vice patron amongs the students with 2 enthusiastic members as advisors.
  4. There should be maximum members in one club depending upon the strength of school from class 1st to 11th.
  5. Members will be subdivided into group of 35 students by vice patron and give the name and insignia.
  6. Jeev Aashraya Clubs will involve two eminent local citizens, social workers, environmentalist as advisors.
  7. The annual membership fees payble by the students to the club will be Rs. 5/- only. This can be increased if the institution if desire this amount is to be retained by the club and utilized for promoting the objectives of club.
  8. The ownership and administrative control of the club will be solely with respective schools and colleges.

Organizational Skill

When student actively take part in the management of Jeev Aashraya Club, it will enhance their organization skill thus resulting in positive development in their personality.

Practice of Humane Values

Inculcating the values of compassion and non-violence will make them a better citizen of society as well as country.

Sharing and Caring

Interaction, co-ordination, participation, interpersonal relations with students of other schools will help them to grow feeling of sharing and caring.

 Development of Social Responsibility:

When the students will actively take part in social activities through Jeev Aashraya Club, it will help them to understand their social responsibilities as it will be entirely activity based clubs.