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Together there is strength, we can be more effective, more powerful and can have more work done, if we all stand together. So Jeev Aashraya always welcomes all the animal lovers to join the family and stand together at a similar platform from where we all could work together and fight for the rights of our mute friends. You can join our family of animal lovers as a volunteer or as a member. After you get connected to our family, you also become the part of our organization where we all work together for this noble cause.

As A Member

There are millions of people in India, and so are animals. You must have not been unaware about the atrocities and deprivation faced by the animals in the hands of uncivilized people. The problem lies in the muteness of these animals. They can’t come up and narrates the injustices caused to them. Man is also an animal, but a rational one. His rationality enables him to differentiate between what’s right and wrong. Man is, therefore, superior to animals. But his treatment towards animals does not show him as such. So it is desirable to be kind and considerate to them. Animals are so serviceable to us, so it becomes our moral responsibility to be of at least a little help to them. You can extend your helping hand to them by being a member of an organisation who is exclusively dedicated towards the welfare of these animals. Jeev Aashraya not only works for animal welfare or just to provide shelter and rescue the injured ones, but we also work to make people changed, we always oppose the use of animals for testing purpose, killing for leather, fur etc. We want to remove animal abuse, and brutality from the cause of it. Animals does not have voice, it’s our duty to become their voice. We also organize events me to time regarding animal welfare and also protest for the victims. It also provides the people with the opportunity to be the part of this organisation. It has also launched a membership programme, in which members are introduced to the Jeev Aashraya family. It is a large family where everyone who is an eminent animal lover can be a part of it..Read More..

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Our Members


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As A Volunteer

A volunteer is a warm hearted and compassionate person, who freely takes part in an enterprise or undertakes a task without any monetary desires or in lieu of eminence in the society. A volunteer contributes his favours for a social cause without expecting any financial gain. Volunteering is generally a public spirited activity, which is deliberated to promote morality and virtuousness among the fellow beings. Jeev Aashraya volunteers are those tender-hearted people who find themselves perturbed about the agonizing condition of the homeless stray animals. They serve as the voices of the muted souls who can’t speak for themselves. Jeev Aashraya Volunteers are people with hearts as big as the cloudless sky. They are the purest of individuals with no eye towards personal gains or advantages, but only one purpose in sight, the welfare of the society and the world at large. The Jeev Aashraya volunteers do the same, epitomizing the values of compassion, brotherhood, selflessness, charity and nobility. They are the voices of the silent creatures that cannot speak for themselves. The volunteers work for the noble cause of animal welfare in ways they find most suitable; from writing online posts, to organising campaigns, to carrying out ground level work at the shelter. Together, they make a difference, extending the circle of compassion to all living beings. We have different types of volunteers who whole heartedly work for the betterment of these innocent life forms and have a keen in interest in bringing about revolutions in the fields of animal welfare. They express their concerns in different ways which they find themselves best in Jeev Aashraya volunteers offer their services in the following forms..Read More