Kanha Upvan

Established on the 7th of August 2010, Kanha Upvan is 54 acres wide animal shelter in India. It is an animal shelter in Lucknow that provides shelter, medication and food for thousands of stray animals. It is home to those whose sufferings go unseen and unheard.

It was inaugurated by the former chief minister Ms. Mayawati Devi. Later, ownership was granted to the Lucknow Municipal Corporation, who not only aided the shelter financially but also provided the required manpower. Over time, a dedicated and efficient organization was required for the smooth functioning of Kanha Upvan. Jeev Aashraya was given the rights and responsibilities to run the shelter in a seamless manner.

Kanha Upvan

Kanha Upvan

The Premises

The rich plant life and flora provides a conductive environment for proliferation of animals that are brought up there. It operates with a primary motive of providing the basic needs to the rescued animals before they reclaimed by the owner or handled to the new one. Not all the animals are fortunate enough to get a home and a compassionate owner. Some are rendered unfortunate who are either disowned by their owner or are born homeless. Kanha Upvan is an animal shelter in Lucknow that strives to build a substantial family for these less fortunate animals.

The entry of Kanha Upvan is marked by a magnificent water fountain that adds to the beauty of lush green vegetation and very serene territory. The pollution-free environment and the scenic beauty of the premises evinces that Kanha Upvan is an ultimate Animal Shelter in India.The hygiene condition of the establishment has been carefully managed by the qualified staff members.

Animal Sheds

The Kanha Upvan is the pre-eminent Animal Shelter that is furnished with number of sheds totally dedicated for stray animals. The animal sheds have varieties of animals like cows, bulls, calves, dogs, etc. nested, which are provided with all the facilities for their. With the well-established infrastructure, the shelter contains all the necessary equipment as per the requirement of the animals.

Nandi Shala-The Bull Shelter:

There are 8 number of shed that are complete with all the equipment required by the stray bulls. There are 2 Nandi Shala that includes 4 sheds each. As many of the times we observe that a number of stray bulls are injured in the road accidents due to reckless traffic of the city roads. This animal shelter in Lucknow provides home for such stray bulls hence reducing the mortality rate of bulls in road accidents. These cattle sheds contains stray cows and bulls, along with the young calves. It not only provides a roof to the strays but also grant them, decent living conditions and a suitable flourishing atmosphere for breeding.

Bhairon Charan Kunj-The Dog Shelter:

The number of deaths of stray dogs due to road accidents has been a matter of concern since a long time. It was the need of the hour to take an initiative to cease them or reduce them to minimum. Kanha Upvan is the self-sustained Animal Shelter in Lucknow, which took the guardianship of the dogs who have either been injured or disowned by their former owners. There are more than 100 dogs that are given shelter over here. Our animal shelter contains all those dogs who have been left stranded with life time impairment. The dogs which are physically handicapped are raised with utmost care. Timely vaccinations and therapeutics are also provided to the dogs, so as to reduce the risk of further infestation of communicable diseases like rabies. Proper care is taken regarding the hygiene condition of the kennels and the food supplied to them.

Shri Krishna Gaushala

In India, cows are considered to be holy animals. They have been revered since time immemorial. It is a common practice in our country to venerate cows and foster them with love and care. But due to busy lives of people and ultra-hectic schedules, this practice is slowly being diminished. The cows are left stranded in the hustle bustle of cities. Kanha Upvan includes 7 animal shed named Shri Krishna Kunj for the purpose of sheltering cows. 6 out of 7 shelters include 4 sheds each while one of them contains 2. The abandoned cows are nurtured with required affection and upkeep.

Other Sheds and Enclosure:

An enclosure is exclusively introduced for monkeys, the monkey shelter named as Hanuman Vatika. It is a place that nests the monkeys which are received as causalities by the organisation. A separate arrangement is also made for nesting the pigs that has been rescued by the team.

Building And Infrastructure

Marketing volunteers are those who support the organisation in the fields of communicating the ideologies and strategies of various programmes that our conducted by the organisation. They are designated to look after the processes involved in delivering the values of our organisation to the people and encourage them to actively take part in the noble services of animal rescue.

Veterinary Hospital – The Free animal rescue hospital in Lucknow:

A separate building has been constructed, which is soulfully dedicated at rendering their medical services to the injured and traumatised animals. It has been operated by a team of experienced and skilled team of paramedics and veterinarians, which are further assisted by a number of workers. Comprehensive heed has also been paid to the sanitary conditions of the hospital. The operation theatre is well furnished with the required amounts of surgical tools and equipment. It is the free animal rescue hospital in Lucknow city working for the noble cause of animal welfare.

Office Buildings:

Two units of office have been instituted in the premises. One of which is situated frontward and is known as front office. The front office is managed and operated under the supervision of the management authority. The other unit is situated at the backside of our animal shelter, and is known as the Back Office.

Servant Quarters:

The lodging space has also been made available for the fourth grade employees that have been serving the organisation. The servant quarter includes well-proportioned rooms with ample space for living.


Kanha Upvan is continuously under the vigilance of installed Surveillance Cameras, which ensures the security of the premises as well the animals in the sheds. It not only serves the purpose of security but also improves the watchfulness over the procedure of treating animals. This CCTV footage will also be made available as a live streaming over internet. There are number of guards who are posted at different spots around the area to keep a continuous vigilance of the shelter.

Food Manufacture And Storage:

An initiative has also been taken by the organisation to make it the Self Sustained Animal shelter in Lucknow. The Backyard of the territory is cultivated with the foliage that provides the fodder to the nested cattle. On an average several tonnes of Fodder are produced on daily basis in the food manufacture unit. This arrangement has been made to reduce the dependence of the organisation on the outside sources for food products and fodder. The surplus Fodder is stored in the storage area which is capable enough to store about 50 tonnes of chaff as a whole.