Our organization works with an absolute purpose of promoting the welfare of homeless animals. So as to further this noble cause of animal welfare, we have organized many platforms which be helpful to them in some or the other way. Our veterinary services aim at stretching 24×7 medical facilities to animals they are injured or suffering any kind of ailment. We have also presented mobile veterinary services which target to cover around 750 km per day in a particular city or town. 24×7 animal rescue helpline numbers have also been circulated among people through social media. Anyone who witnesses any animals getting injured or abused can call us any time on those numbers and immediate help will be provided to the animal. The hospital which is situated in the shelter premises is furnished with all sorts of medical facilities required for treating the injured animal. The hospital is 24×7 under the supervision of our skilled veterinarian, Para-vets, helpers, etc. The staff is well qualified which ensures efficient handling of the rescued animals. Our veterinary services also include Animal Birth control. It is a technique through which the animals which are engrossed with deadly communicable disease are sterilized so as to check the population. All the animals are vaccinated to prevent the spread of rabies. Through this scheme we are not only checking the spread of diseases, but also bringing an end to the problems of the agonized animals.

Mobile Veterinary Services:

Jeev Ashraya have successful initiated the mobile veterinary services which includes 5 two wheeler and 2 medically equipped veterinary ambulance with a motive to further reduce the animal mortality rate as it has been observed that seriously injured animals die an excruciating death even before they are brought to our hospital. The helpline numbers (8009392222, 8009521111, 9919914444) have been methodically circulated among people, which have proved to be handy in providing us the information and location of animals that are in immediate requirement of medical aid. We provide mobile veterinary services with a target covering 750 km of the city per day.

24×7 Medical Services:

Our organization owns a fully-furnished Operation Theatre, where the animals are provided with 24×7 medical treatments under the supervision of our veterinarians and medical incharges. The animals are attentively treated under the expert guidance of our 3 doctors, 8Para-vets and 4 helpers. The hygiene conditions of the hospital are carefully supervised by our workers. The Operation Theatre, surgical equipments, etc. are decontaminated at regular intervals. Animals are timely provided with required vaccination to prevent further proliferation of communicable diseases. It is our duty to make sure that every animal that reach us should be treated with utmost care and dedication.

ABC Animal Birth Control:

Animal Birth Control programmes was initiated in order to help those animals who lead their lives enduring the pain and end up with the same. Here at Kanha Upvan, we sterilize those animals that have been gripped up by deadly communicable diseases. It not only lengthens their life span but also grant them healthier lives. Our up-to-date anaesthesia techniques and surgical procedures make sure that the animal is safe and comfortable during and after the operation.